Ensure They Have A Nourishing Meal

Provide a family with a food parcel filled with essential


Can we be content knowing that whilst we have a meal to look forward to at iftar, hundreds of thousands are going hungry? 

Let’s all share our Iftar! 

By donating towards GRF’s Ramadan projects, you can break your fast in the knowledge that a families in Gaza, refugees in Lebanon, Jordan & Bangladesh and the needy in Yemen, are also enjoying a meal at sunset. 

After all, there is no better time to give, than in the holy month of Ramadan, where your good deeds are multiplied tenfold! 

So what are you waiting for?

Feed the Fasting: £4 per person

Provide a person in need with an iftar. Many will have minimal or no food at iftar time, let alone a hot meal. For the small price of just £4, you can share your iftar with a person in need.

Feed the Fasting: £20 per family

Provide a needy family with a hot meal to break their fast. Ensure they have a nourishing meal; probably the only meal they’ll have that day. 

Family Food Parcels: £40 per month

Provide a family with a food parcel filled with essential, nutritious food, such a rice, flour, sugar and more. All food items have a long shelf life as most families don’t have arefrigerators. A parcel will provide a family with the essentials to feed their family for a month.

Sponsor an Orphan: £30 per month

You can provide an orphaned child with a monthly sponsorship for just £30, so they can afford the essentials they need to get by. Your sponsorship ensures they stay in school, are well-fed, and clothed.

Eid Gift: £30 per child

Ensure that an orphan does not miss out on the joys of Eid this year. Just £30 will provide an orphaned or needy child with a special gift on Eid! 

Clean Water for a Family: £15 per month

Ensure a family has access to clean, safe water for their cooking and drinking needs. you can do something to help. Just £15 will provide a family with the essence of life. 

Fitrana: £4 per person

Zakat-ul-Fitr is a compulsory (fard) act of charity incumbent on every man, woman, child and foetus. This must be paid before Eid prayer. 

Suhoor Meal: £2.50 per person

Provide a needy person with a nutritious Suhoor meal to set them up for a long hard day of fasting. 

Fidya: £5 per fast or £150 for the month

Fidya is a form of compensation for fasts missed due to ill health, or other reasons beyond your control, that cannot be made up afterwards. 

Kaffara: £300 per fast missed

Kaffara is a form of compensation for fasts that were broken or missed for no valid reason.

£25 - Where Most Needed

£50 - Where Most Needed

£100 - Where Most Needed

£200 - Where Most Needed

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