Sacrificed In The Prophetic Way

Make Eid a little brighter and better for a needy family


As we approach the 10th day of Dhul Hijjah, it is once again time for us to make a sacrifice for the sake of Allah to feed the hungry. Global Rahmah Foundation has been distributing Qurbani, to some of the worst affected areas around the world for many years. We continue to explore new areas every day, so we can identify and assist those who need us most. For many of the recipients, it is the only source of protein they will have in the entire year. So,we ensure that we use only the best quality meat, sacrificed in the prophetic way, and sourced from local suppliers.  

This gives some of the most underprivileged people in the world an opportunity to enjoy a quality meal at Eid time. Because we source our meat locally, we are also helping economies thrive! 

Donate towards our Qurbani appeal today, and make Eid a little brighter and better for a needy family, by providing them a nutritious meal.

How Qurbani Works:

Fresh Qurbani is donated to those in need on the same day so they can take part in the celebrations. 

Qurbani from abroad is canned or frozen and sent to the country of your choice. Canned or frozen meat can be stored and enjoyed over a longer period of time by needy families long after Eid is over.

Eid Gift: £30 per child

The biggest casualties of war are undoubtedly children. They witness such horrific scenes, are forced to flee their homes, lose family members, live in poverty, miss out on their education, and the joy of being a carefree child.

In Gaza many children live in poverty and their families have little to no income at all. They rarely receive gifts as a result, as their parents prioritise putting food on the table.

GRF try to ensure children in Gaza at least have an enjoyable Eid.

Qurbani sacrifices in Yemen

Qurbani sacrifices in Gaza

Qurbani sacrifices in Palestine

Qurbani sacrifices for Syrian and Palestinian refugees

Qurbani sacrifices for Rohingya refugees

Qurbani sacrifices in India

Qurbani sacrifices in Pakistan

Family Food Parcels: £40 per month

Provide a family with a food parcel filled with essential, nutritious food, such a rice, flour, sugar and more. All food items have a long shelf life as most families don’t have a refrigerator. A parcel will provide a family with the essentials to feed their family for a month. 

Sponsor an Orphan: £30 per month

You can provide an orphaned child with a monthly sponsorship for just £30, so they can afford the essentials they need to get by. Your sponsorship ensures they stay in school, are well-fed, and clothed.

Clean Water for a Family: £15 per month

Ensure a family has access to clean, safe water for their cooking and drinking needs. you can do something to help. Just £15 will provide a family with the essence of life.

Qurbani Explained

And when they had both submitted and he put him down upon his forehead, we called to him, “O Ibrahim, you have fulfilled the vision”. Indeed, we thus reward the doers of good. Indeed, this was the clear trial and We ransomed him with a great sacrifice’. 

– Qur’an 37:103-107  

Qurbani – or Udhiya – is a sacrifice that is made in the Islamic month Dhul Hijjah during the celebrations of Eid al Adha. The sacrifice made is typically a goat, sheep, cow or camel and is reflective of the personal sacrifice that Prophet Ibrahim (S.A.) was prepared to make for the love of Allah (SWT). 

The significance of this sacrifice, for Qurbani in the UK and around the world, is that it symbolises all that Prophet Ibrahim (S.A.) was ready to give up – by sacrificing his precious son, and allows Muslims to be humbled by his ultimate gesture towards God at his will. 

What is Qurbani?

Qurbani is the sacrifice of an animal, held at the end of Eid Al Adha. The sacrificed animal can either be: 

A goat (at least one-year-old) 

A bull, cow or buffalo (two years old minimum) 

A sheep (at least six months old) 

The animal should have no injuries or broken bones – including its horns. It should be sacrificed immediately after Eid-ul-Adha prayers or as close to this time as possible. 

The meat of a Qurbani animal is divided into three parts: 

one to be shared out among the family, friends or neighbours 

one for yourself 

one to be given to those in need 

If the Qurbani donation is a goat or sheep, it is enough just for one person, but a camel, cow, bull, or buffalo can be a donation from as many as seven people. 

Who Should Make Qurbani Offerings?

Qurbani is an obligation for all Muslims who meet the following requirements: 

They are of sound mind 

They are past the age of puberty 

They have disposable income above and beyond their essential needs 

The Spiritual meaning of Qurbani

‘Indeed, my prayer, my rites of sacrifice, my living and my dying are for Allah, Lord of the worlds.’ 

– Qu’ran 6:162 

The word Qurbani means “a way or means of approaching someone” or “nearness”. 

It is a way for individual Muslims to approach the level of submission to God shown by the Prophet Ibrahim (S.A) at the moment atop Mount Arafat when he was readying to sacrifice his beloved son. 

The Prophet Ibrahim (S.A) was willing to give up that which was precious to him beyond measure, that which could not be replaced, that which had come into his life despite so many in the world around him telling him it would never happen. 

The act of Qurbani today is at the heart of Eid al Adha and is a deeply meaningful and important event. Those who give Qurbani are demonstrating their submission to Allah’s (SWT) will, just as Prophet Ibrahim (S.A.) did before them. 

What are the Qurbani prices?

Qurbani prices relate to the amount of money that a Muslim needs to donate so that Qurbani can be distributed amongst those in need around the world. The exact price varies depending upon where your donation will be going, as the cost of the animals to be sacrificed differs from country to country. 

What is Eid al Adha?

Eid al Adha is the celebration of the submission to Allah’s (SWT) will that was expressed by the Prophet Ibrahim (S.A). 

Against both his own wishes and the temptations of the devil, the Prophet Ibrahim (S.A) took his only son Ismael (A.S) to the top of Mount Arafat to sacrifice him to Allah (SWT). At the last moment, Allah (SWT) miraculously switched the boy with a beast. Ismael (A.S) stood beside his father, completely unharmed! An astonishing miracle. 

Eid al Adha is a celebration where Muslims look to refocus their own lives, seeking out Allah’s (SWT) will so that they may submit themselves to it more perfectly. Qurbani is the sacrifice which follows this holy and blessed celebration. 

Donate to Global Rahmah Foundation today to ensure that your Qurbani donations are distributed where they are needed the most. 

£50 - Where Most Needed

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