Feed the

Feed the Fasting

Ramadan is a month of selflessness and giving

and a period in which we reflect on the bounties granted to us by our lord.

Through fasting we are able to experience the plight of those suffering hunger around the world, albeit for a short time before we enjoy a nutritious meal at sunset.

With hunger and malnutrition rife amongst millions of our brothers and sisters around the world, sadly the experience of hunger is not temporary but a chronic crisis that affects all aspects of their well-being. Infants in Yemen are starving as their helpless parents look on, unable to ease their suffering.

In Gaza, parents are skipping meals so they can provide what little food they have to their famished children.
Thanks to the generosity of our donors, we have worked tirelessly since 2013 to alleviate hunger and poverty in Yemen, Gaza, Syrian & Palestinian refugees, India, Pakistan, Rohingya refugees and more.

We have provided life-saving food to over 1.3 million people helping ease their food insecurities, but there are still millions more that need us. Now more than ever before people require urgent food assistance, as a global pandemic has pushed further people below the poverty line.
Our teams are on the ground now, in eight countries worldwide delivering your Sadaqah and Zakat donations to those in great need. We are working around the clock to deliver life-saving nutritious food to those suffering hunger and famine, but we need the support of our donors to enable us to continue.

Feeding the hungry is considered a very virtuous act in Islam. Allah (swt) says in the Quran:
“(The righteous are those) who feed the poor, the orphan and the captive for the love of God, saying: ‘We feed you for the sake of God Alone; we seek from you neither reward nor thanks.” – (Quran, 76:8-9 )

Share your food with the needy this Ramadan by donating your Zakat and Sadaqah now.

Share Your Meal

The Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him, said: ‘Whoever helps break the fast of a fasting person, he will have the same reward as him without decreasing anything from the reward of the fasting person’ (Al-Tirmidhi)

From as little as £20 you can provide a hot nutritious iftaar meal to five needy fasting people and ensure they are nourished and sustained, ready for their next fasts.

Share Your Food

Provide an essential food parcel containing staple and nutritious long-life foods and ensure a needy family is covered for the entire holy month.

The contents of a food parcel generally include flour, rice, sugar, oil, tea, canned goods, spices, lentils, beans and dates; however, they differ from country to country depending on their respective diets.

£20 - Can provide Iftaar Meals for 5 Persons

£40 - Can Provide Ramadan Food Parcel For 1 Family For Up To A Month

£120 - Can Provide Ramadan Food Parcels For 3 Families For Up To A Month

£200 - Can Provide Ramadan Food Parcels For 5 Families For Up To A Month

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