Eid Gift

Restore their Smiles this Eid ul Adha

Eid Gift: £15 per child

You can help a child that has suffered unimaginable pain and hardship feel some joy this Eid by providing them an Eid Gift. It is the least we can do for a child that has lost everything. Just a small act of kindness can help them celebrate and forget their plight for a day.

Be the reason a child in need rejoices this Eid, donate an Eid gift.

2kg Fresh Meat (Sadaqah): £20 per family

We use the surplus meat from the Udhiyah (sacrifice) to provide needy and hungry local families with a little extra meat to use in their cooking. We provide 2kg bags of various meat to those in most need. This is considered an unfathomable luxury for many of them, as they rarely have access to meat in the year.

Donate 2kg of fresh meat today and help a family enjoy nutritious meals for a longer period.

Rahmah Pack

GRF have designed a Special Package, containing a family food parcel, hot meals to feed a family, 2kg of fresh meat and an Eid gift to give children a reason to smile this Eid.

The Rahmah Pack is targeted to meet the needs of everyone within a family, as Eid is a joyous time where families get together and celebrate, children parents and the elderly will benefit in some way from the pack, hence we need your generosity to #Helpustohelpthem from as little as £100!

Eid Gift

£15 - Eid Gift

£20 - Fresh Meat for a Family

£100 - Rahmah Pack

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