Aqiqah Sacrifices In Gaza, Lebanon, Yemen, And Bangladesh

Aqiqah is a way to offer thanks to Allah (SWT)

Maximise your rewards during the last 10 Nights!

Thank Allah (SWT) for the birth of your baby girl or boy by donating your Aqiqah today 

Aqiqah is a way to offer thanks to Allah (SWT) for bestowing the blessing of a new-born child on you, through the sacrifice of a goat or sheep.  

The Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) would perform Aqiqah after the birth of a child, to protect the baby and show thankfulness to Allah (swt) for the great blessing. 

The Sunnah (way) of the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) is that one sheep/goat is sacrificed for the birth of a girl, and two for the birth of a boy. 

Global Rahmah Foundation carries out your Aqiqah sacrifices in Gaza, Lebanon, Yemen, and Bangladesh (Rohingya refugees) for disadvantaged communities to benefit from, easing their food insecurities and offering them a nutritious, healthy meal. 

Donate your Aqiqah today to celebrate the birth of your beautiful baby, whilst assisting the hungry with a life-saving meal.

Aqiqah sacrifices in Gaza

Aqiqah sacrifices in Lebanon

Aqiqah sacrifices in Rohingya refugees

Aqiqah sacrifices in Yemen

£600 - Baby Boy Aqiqah In Gaza

£300 - Baby Girl Aqiqah In Gaza

£400 - Baby Boy Aqiqah In Lebanon

£200 - Baby Girl Aqiqah In Lebanon

£300 - Baby Boy Aqiqah In Rohingya Refugees

£150 - Baby Girl Aqiqah In Rohingya Refugees

£300 - Baby Boy Aqiqah In Yemen

£150 - Baby Girl Aqiqah In Yemen

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