How much of my donation goes to those in need?

We are accountable to you, the generous people that make all our work possible, and of course most importantly to Allah (swt).
That’s why we like to be as open and honest, about how your money is spent, as possible. We do not pretend to have a 100% donation policy.
We use your donations in the most effective way possible, to aid those in grave need around the world. To do so, we sometimes need to take 10% from unspecified donations to support our operations and ensure we provides the best services to our beneficiaries.
Our focus in the field is also on multi-dimensional aid so we employ local workers, invest in job creation, support the local economy and work to keep our admin costs as low as possible. That is why an impressive 90% of what you donate goes directly to those in need! So, for every £1 you donate, just 10p is used for admin.

Do you deduct anything from my Zakat?

No, we do not take a penny from your Zakat donations. In line with Islamic teachings, we do not deduct anything from specified donations of Zakat. This means every penny you donate goes to those in most need.
This is also the case for Orphan sponsorships and Qurbani which are also 100% donation funds.

What is your refund policy?

Unfortunately, once a donation has been accepted it cannot be returned, as it may be illegal to do so. This is because we are a compliant charity regulated by the UK government. Like all other registered charities, our transactions are monitored to ensure funds are being used in the best way possible. We therefore, cannot transfer funds to individual bank accounts as this would breach operating guidelines.
If you have made a donation and feel you have an exceptional circumstance or have made the donation in error, please call 0161 302 7888 to speak to a member of our team.
We will do the best we can, in line with relevant policies and procedures, to resolve the issue.

How can I join the team?

We are always looking for passionate individuals to join our dynamic team. For amazing opportunities to experience first-hand the work we do to help others, fill out our volunteer form today. Reconnect with your local community and give back to the global community in one easy step. It will look great on your CV and is sure to impress any employer. Bring out the philanthropist in you!


Work for us
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