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Water Wells for Life

At GRF, we are committed to helping people who cannot help themselves. We work around the world, helping the neediest and vulnerable, who would otherwise not have the care and resources they require to survive.

End Water Poverty - Ghana

Since the water is heavily contaminated with animal waste, salt and other pollutants, it leaves them vulnerable to water-borne diseases that can become fatal.

Global Rahmah Foundation has a team on the ground providing safe water solutions. We are installing 12-meter water wells in rural Ghana. These wells provide a sustainable and continuous supply of safe drinking water for more than 50 families within the most impoverished villages, where residents are living in severe poverty. Your donations will be counted as a Sadaqah Jariyah.

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Rohingya Refugees

 The lack of safe water and suitable sanitation has caused a mass water crisis with the number of water borne diseases rocketing, putting an additional strain on an exhausted healthcare system. 

Our teams on the ground implement safe water projects all year round to help curb the disease levels and ensure everyone has access to their humanitarian right of clean water.

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Water Scarcity - Somalia

Water scarcity poses a grave threat to Somalia. With recurrent droughts afflicting the already vulnerable and poverty-stricken country, millions of innocent people are at risk of dying from dehydration and disease. 

At GRF, we are working hard to restore the most basic human right of safe, clean drinking water to those stuck in a cruel cycle of water poverty.

Our team on the ground is installing 25-meter deepwater wells in poverty-stricken villages in Somalia, where water is scarce. These wells provide a sustainable and continuous supply of safe drinking water for more than 80 families in the area. This project is Sadaqah Jariyah applicable, so your assistance will be rewarded in this life and in the hereafter.

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£1500 - Deep Water Well

£1500 - Water Well With Hand Pump

£3000 - Deep Water Well with Hand Pump

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