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Water Aid

Water shortages and poor sanitation are responsible for 3.5 million deaths globally each year. Millions of people do not have access to clean drinking water, something we take for granted. From building a well, to giving someone a fresh water tank, you can do something to help. The most basic necessity is dismally absent from the lives of so many.

At GRF, we are committed to helping people who cannot help themselves. We work around the world, helping the most needy and vulnerable, who would otherwise not have the care and resources they require to survive.

Global Rahmah Foundation have been implementing safe water projects since 2013. Our aim is to permanently eradicate water poverty by continuing our life saving work and exploring new countries.


India is currently facing the biggest crisis in its history, a national water shortage that effects millions of people country wide. Around 82% of rural households are without a piped water supply. Washing hands and staying hydrated is considered a luxury, something which should be a humanitarian right for all. 21% of the country’s diseases are also water-related. Furthermore, only 33% of the country has access to traditional sanitation.

Global Rahmah Foundation is providing sustainable solutions to this water crisis. Our hand water pump project ensures a steady stream of clean water is available for hundreds of poor families in deprived rural villages.

For just £200 you can gift clean water to the needy in India, reducing their daily struggles and forever improving their health.


Water scarcity is one of the most pressing issues in Pakistan today, with almost 60% of the population lacking a viable supply of clean water. It is estimated that over 53,000 children die of diarrhoea every year after drinking water containing dangerous bacteria.

A staggering 40 percent of all deaths in Pakistan are caused by water contaminated with sewage, industrial waste, arsenic or disease. In pursuit of safe water, thousands of people in Pakistan make perilous journeys by foot, walking for miles on end, just to get a safe drink.

Global Rahmah Foundation is supplying rural villages with water pumps to provide a continuous supply of clean drinking water for thousands of people.

For just £200 you can ensure those facing tough tribulations living in misery in poverty-stricken villages, have access to clean water, reducing their daily struggles and pain staking measures to obtain water.


Gaza is suffering through an ongoing water crisis. Most of the available water is unsuitable for human consumption. It has been reported that in a few years, Gaza will be left without any safe drinking water altogether. GRF works on the ground to provide families with water tanks, which we refill on a weekly basis with fresh drinking water. We also provide schools, mosques and medical centres with clean drinking water, but there is still a massive shortage.


The destruction of Yemen’s water and sanitation infrastructure has created one of the worst health epidemics the country has ever experienced. It is estimated that approximately 19.3 million Yemeni’s do not have access to clean drinking water and sanitation. Out of desperation, many families resort to drinking harmful water that is not fit for consumption. This has led to a widespread Cholera outbreak, with children being the worst affected. GRF is working on the ground in Yemen to provide safe drinking water to families and communities. We provide water tanks to families and to the public, which are refilled every month with safe water to drink. There are many communities still living without any supply of water. These tanks will provide a lifeline to many people having to take desperate measures to survive. 

Rohingya Refugees

Forced to flee their homes, 800 000 Rohingya refugees living in the densely populated camps in Cox’s Bazar, face many day to day difficulties trying to survive. The lack of safe water and suitable sanitation has caused a mass water crisis with the number of water borne diseases rocketing, putting an additional strain on an exhausted healthcare system. 

Our teams on the ground implement safe water projects all year round to help curb the disease levels and ensure everyone has access to their humanitarian right of clean water. 

End Water Poverty - Ghana

An astounding 3 million people in Ghana rely solely on surface water to meet their daily consumption needs, and since this water is heavily contaminated with animal waste, salt and other pollutants, it leaves them vulnerable to water-borne diseases that can become fatal.

In a country plagued by poverty and destitution, there remains a tremendous need for water and sanitation. Over 30% of people lack access to adequate sanitation or are living entirely without toilet facilities!

Now more than ever, due to the devastating Covid-19 pandemic, access to safe water is critical for the health of families in Ghana.

Global Rahmah Foundation have a team on the ground providing safe water solutions to help put an end to this vicious cycle of water poverty.

We are installing 12 meter water wells in rural Ghana. These wells provide a sustainable and continuous supply of safe drinking water for more than 50 families, within the most impoverished villages, where residents are living in severe poverty.

We hope by creating long-term water solutions for those in great need, we can help communities break free from poverty and live healthy and fulfilling lives.

Help make our mission a reality and donate today to end the water crisis in Ghana.

Water Scarcity - Somalia

Water scarcity poses a grave threat to Somalia. With recurrent droughts afflicting the already vulnerable and poverty stricken country, millions of innocent people are at risk of dying from dehydration and disease.

Figures state that only 52% of the total population in Somalia have access to a basic water supply.

In addition to the absence of safe drinking water, poor hygiene and a lack of sanitation are significant contributors to the high disease rates. 

In Somalia less than 1 in 4 people have access to satisfactory sanitation. In rural villages the figure is much worse, as toilets and latrines are rare, and open defecation is practiced by 83% of the population, the third highest rate in the world.

At Global Rahmah Foundation we are working hard to restore the most basic human right of safe, clean drinking water to those stuck in a cruel cycle of water poverty.

Our team on the ground is installing 25 meter deep water wells in poverty stricken villages in Somalia, where water is scarce. These wells provide a sustainable and continuous supply of safe drinking water for more than 80 families in the area.

We hope to put an end to the daily struggles of those unable to access safe water, but we need your help to do so. Donate now to alleviate the needless suffering of your brothers and sisters in Somalia.

And remember this project is Sadaqah Jariyah applicable, so your assistance will be rewarded not only in this life, but also in the hereafter.

£15 - Monthly Refill For Family Water Tank

£65 - Can provide 1 family with a water tank + one months refill

£200 - Water Hand Pump

£250 - Public Water Tank

£350 - Public Water Tank in Gaza

£1100 - Public Water Tank with 1 Month Refill

£1000 - Public Water Tank with Dispensing Unit

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