Olive Tree

Olive Tree Project

Olive Trees in Gaza

allows those in need to stay dignified and autonomous

The Messenger of Allah () said:

“Season (your food) with olive oil and anoint yourselves with it, for it comes from a blessed tree.”

(Ibn Majah)

Olives have long been revered in Islam and are even mentioned in the holy Quran seven times. The messenger of Allah () reiterated their importance by instructing us to consume their oil and apply it to our skin. 

GRF’s Olive project funds the planting of these blessed trees the messenger of Allah () spoke about.

This allows farmers in Gaza to harvest the fruit and produce and sell olive oil year after year.  

Eventually, if enough people donate, they will no longer need us, and will become fully self-sufficient. Just one of our sustainable long-term projects that allows those in need to stay dignified and autonomous. 

Since Olive trees last decades and continue yielding produce every year, you will be continuously assisting local Palestinians to support their families and reaping the endless rewards of Sadaqah Jariyah at the same time, even after you are gone!

£10 Plants 1 olive tree

£100 Plants 10 olive tress

£1000 Plants 100 olive trees

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