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Mother and Baby Project

Most expectant mothers in need are unequipped for their baby’s arrival. GRF’s Mother and Baby Project is an effective way to support mothers living in poverty and help them prepare for their children by providing Mother Care Packs for those in Gaza, Yemen and even Syrian and Palestinian refugees in Lebanon and Jordan who reside in challenging conditions across refugee camps.

One of the key ways that GRF’s Mother and Baby Project supports mothers is by providing them with essential items such as nappies, baby blankets, towels, clothes, formula milk, baby food, a bathtub, soap, a thermometer, disinfectant spray and sanitary products along with other necessities for postpartum care. These items are critical to ensure the health and well-being of both the mother and child.

Donating to this project can help GRF to provide these items to mothers living in poverty-stricken areas and refugee camps, where access to basic essentials is often limited. You can make a real and meaningful impact in the lives of mothers living in poverty.

You can help us to help them.


The destruction of Yemen’s water and sanitation infrastructure has created one of the worst health epidemics the country has ever experienced. It is estimated that approximately 19.3 million Yemeni’s do not have access to clean drinking water and sanitation. Out of desperation, many families resort to drinking harmful water that is not fit for consumption. This has led to a widespread Cholera outbreak, with children being the worst affected. GRF is working on the ground in Yemen to provide safe drinking water to families and communities. We provide water tanks to families and to the public, which are refilled every month with safe water to drink. There are many communities still living without any supply of water. These tanks will provide a lifeline to many people having to take desperate measures to survive.

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