Livelihood Projects

We Return That Confidence To Those Living In Poverty

the money they make can be used to support themselves.

At Global Rahmah Foundation we pride ourselves on providing assistance in a way that maintains the dignity and respect of the receiver. We realise how difficult it must be to reach out and ask for assistance, especially for those that have long been self-sufficient and autonomous. Many Refugees that have fled to neighbouring countries to escape war, were once professionals in their native countries. From a fast-paced life of career building and employment, to being fully reliant on assistance to survive, it is a big step down, and can negatively affect morale and confidence. 

Through our sustainable & long-term self-employment projects, we return that confidence to those living in poverty. 

We allow them to be self-sufficient and provide for their own families, so they no longer need rely on aid agencies to get by. 

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Food Cart Project

We provide people with the opportunity to cater to the needs of their family by providing them with a food cart they can use to sell various foods. The money they make can be used to support themselves. This scheme allows families to get out of the cycle of depending on charity and live a dignified and proud life.

Olive Tree Project

As part of our ethos, we always endeavour to allow people to become self-sufficient, so they do not rely on financial aid long term. The Olive Tree Project pays for an olive tree to be planted in Palestine. This allows farmers to harvest the fruit, produce and sell olive oil year after year. Eventually, we hope enough people will donate so they no longer need us.

Women’s Educational Courses

We provide underprivileged women with an opportunity to expand their learning. We teach them to read, write and broaden their understanding as living in poverty leaves them with little or no education. They learn the basics so they can help their children with their schoolwork, go on to higher education and even find a job to support themselves & their families. 

£250 – Can provide 1 family with trade supplies

£750 – Can provide 3 families with trade supplies

£1250 – Can provide 5 families with trade supplies

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