Little Rahmah

Little Rahmah Sponsorship

All Our Little Rahmah Sponsorships Have A 100% Donation Policy

so every penny you donate goes directly to those in need!

Orphan Sponsorship

With your help, we can ensure a child, that has experienced the devastating blow of losing a loving parent, is supported and taken care of. Many live in abject poverty and have little resources and opportunities.  Our orphan sponsorship ensures that they are clothed, fed and able to go to school.  

Please help us to give these children the best possible chance for a brighter future. 

For just £1 a day, less than the price of a coffee, you can sponsor a needy orphan and help make his or her life more bearable. 

Hifth Sponsorship

Help a needy child memorise the Holy Quran and reap the rewards for a life-time. For every word recited and memorised, you will be rewarded immeasurably. 

Our Hifth project allows an underprivileged child to embark on an incredible journey of education and spiritual development, by memorising the Quran and becoming closer to Allah. 

For just £15 a month you can provide: 

  • Small classes with plenty of one to one support 
  • Qualified teachers with a specially designed Hifth course 
  • All books and resources 
  • Daily nutritious lunch 

Needy Family Sponsorship

For just £75 per month you can support a disadvantaged family with no means of monthly income. For many of the families the father is sick or injured and unable to work, thus leaving the families struggling to get by. Our family sponsorship project ensures the family is able to pay their rent, afford food and access healthcare when they require it.

Educational Sponsorship

Our educational sponsorship allows a needy child that risks leaving school, due to poverty and destitution, the opportunity to remain in school and learn to read and write. We want the future generation of children to be qualified, in the hopes that they will have successful futures, and break free from poverty once and for all. 

For £30 a month you can provide an educational sponsorship which includes: 

  • School fees 
  • Books and Stationery 
  • Uniform
  • Daily School Lunch 

Widow with Children Sponsorship

Losing a spouse is heart-breaking, but when that person is also the sole breadwinner and provider within the household, it is even more devastating. Sadly, for thousands of women across the world living in poverty, the death of a spouse leaves them in anguish as they are left with young children and no means of income to provide for them. Everyday become a battle to survive and they are constantly worried for their child’s welfare and future. Our Widow sponsorship program ensures a widow struggling to provide for her children is supported and provided with all the necessities, each month. 

£30 - Orphan Sponsorship Monthly

£360 - Orphan Sponsorship Yearly

£15 - Hifth Sponsorship Monthly

£180 - Hifth Sponsorship Yearly

£75 - Needy Family Sponsorship Monthly

£900 - Needy Family Sponsorship Yearly

£30 - Education Sponsorship Monthly

£360 - Education Sponsorship Yearly

£75 - Widow With Children Sponsorship Monthly

£900 - Widow With Children Sponsorship Yearly

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