LED Lights Projects

LED Lights Projects

Gaza Plunged into Darkness

The power shortage causes immense problems in everyday life.

Power has been an issue in Gaza for over a decade. The blockade imposed on the city in 2004 has restricted the import of many everyday goods into the city, from food goods, to building materials, to fuel sources and medical supplies. The strain on the city as a result has been agonising and continues to make every aspect of day to day life unbearably difficult for its people.

The fuel shortage means that the city’s power plants cannot operate all day and night as they would in other parts of the world. The small quantity of fuel allowed into the city must be rationed out to last as long as possible, with every home, school, hospital, place of worship and more having only a few hours a day where they have access to power.

Families cannot use lights at night leaving them in darkness, doing homework, revising for exams, operating household appliances and more are only possible for 3 hours a day.

The power shortage causes immense problems in everyday life. It results in a deterioration of all services including water supplies, sanitation as well as other utilities that provides basic services to the population.

Approximately (80%) of Gazans rely on alternative methods to light their homes, most commonly, burning candles, which have caused unfathomable numbers of injuries and fatalities when they catch fire and tear through family homes, leaving family members injured or even dead, and others homeless.

Global Rahmah Foundations LED light project aims to put an end to this unnecessary suffering. We are providing very vulnerable families in Gaza with battery operated LED lights to power their homes all day, so when the power is cut, they can continue their normal activities without disruption.

For just £150 you can help light up their lives and save them from injury and death.

£150 – Can provide 1 family home with LED lights

£450 – Can provide 3 family homes with LED lights

£750 – Can provide 5 family homes with LED lights

£150 - LED Lights for one Household

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