LED Lights Projects

LED Lights Projects

Gaza Plunged into Darkness

The power shortage causes immense problems in everyday life.

Power has been an issue in Gaza for over a decade due to the blockade imposed on the city in 2004. The small quantity of fuel allowed into the city must be rationed out to last as long as possible, with every home, school, hospital, place of worship and more.

The power shortages cause immeasurable problems in everyday life. Many lives are lost, due to hospitals not having enough power to generate the equipment needed to save them, whilst others are badly injured trying to work around their routine in total darkness.

GRF are providing helpless families in Gaza with battery operated LED lights to power their homes for just £150, so that when the power is cut, they can continue their normal activities without disruption.

£150 Can provide 1 family home with LED lights

£450 Can provide 3 family homes with LED lights

£750 Can provide 5 family homes with LED lights

£150 - LED Lights for one Household

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