Home Restoration

Rebuild Homes To Restore Hopes!

Can you imagine the grief of losing a home that was built with years of hard work, memories, and love to a single strike?

Thousands of homes in Gaza have been razed to the ground due to escalated violence in the region. As a result, countless families have been left in displacement with no place to call their own!

In this time of desperation and despair, they need your support immediately!

Team GRF is on the ground in Gaza, restoring homes for these displaced families. We are rebuilding the dilapidated single-room units into habitable homes with proper windows, washrooms, running water, and a facilitated kitchen.

Your contributions to the home restoration appeal are making a difference in the lives of hundreds of families! Help them go back to their homes today!

£30 - Towards Home Restoration

£50 - Towards Home Restoration

£100 - Towards Home Restoration

£150 - Towards Home Restoration

£250 - Provide the tools to repair or rebuild damaged homes

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