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Water shortages and poor sanitation are responsible for 3.5 million deaths globally each year. Millions of people do not have access to clean drinking water, something we take for granted. From building a well to giving someone a freshwater tank, you can do something to help. The most basic necessity is dismally absent from the lives of so many.


Water scarcity is one of the most pressing issues in Pakistan today, with almost 60% of the population lacking a viable supply of clean water. It is estimated that over 53,000 children die of diarrhoea every year after drinking water containing dangerous bacteria.

A staggering 40% of all deaths in Pakistan are caused by water contaminated with sewage, industrial waste, arsenic or disease. In pursuit of safe water, thousands of people in Pakistan make perilous journeys by foot, walking for miles on end, just to get a safe drink.

GRF is supplying rural villages with water pumps to provide a continuous supply of clean drinking water for thousands of people.

For just £150, you can ensure those facing tough tribulations living in misery in poverty-stricken villages have access to clean water, reducing their daily struggles and painstaking measures to obtain water. Our project is Sadaqah Jariyah applicable so that the rewards will be manifold.

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Rohingya Refugees

Forced to flee their homes, 800,000 Rohingya refugees living in the densely populated camps in Cox’s Bazar, face many day to day difficulties trying to survive. The lack of safe water and suitable sanitation has caused a mass water crisis with the number of water borne diseases rocketing, putting an additional strain on an exhausted healthcare system.

Our teams on the ground implement safe water projects all year round to help curb the disease levels and ensure everyone has access to their humanitarian right of clean water.

Help Rohingya Refugees. Donate a Hand Pump

In Asia, the suffering caused by water scarcity is profound. It is an issue that continues to affect millions of people and it drastically reduces their life expectancy and overall quality of life. The solutions are simple yet effective, and our GRF teams are on the ground working around the clock to provide these solutions, so those in need can lead healthy lives like the rest of us.

We are building sustainable hand water pumps in India, Pakistan and Rohingya camps to help impoverished communities stay healthy and hydrated.

Our hand pumps are installed in communal, easy to reach areas so all those in need can easily access safe water to fulfil all of their daily needs.

Our hand pump project is also Sadaqah Jariyah applicable, allowing those who donate to reap everlasting good deeds for their charitable act.

You can donate in the name of a person, alive or deceased and gift them an eternity of reward. We will also provide you with images so you can see your generous donation at work.



India is currently facing the biggest crisis in its history, a national water shortage that affects millions of people countrywide.

GRF is providing sustainable solutions to this water crisis. Our hand water pump project ensures a steady stream of clean water is available for hundreds of low-income families in deprived rural villages.

For just £150, you can gift clean water to the needy in India, reducing their daily struggles and forever improving their health.

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£150 - Water Pump India

£150 - Water Pump Pakistan

£850 - Water Pump Rohingya

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