Gaza water

Gaza’s Water Emergency

Gaza is suffering through an ongoing water crisis. Most of the available water is unsuitable for human consumption. It has been reported that in a few years, Gaza will be left without any safe drinking water altogether. GRF works on the ground to provide families with water tanks, which we refill on a weekly basis with fresh drinking water. We also provide schools, mosques and medical centres with clean drinking water, but there is still a massive shortage.

Many impoverished communities in and around Gaza cannot afford to buy bottled water, leaving them no option but to drink the heavily contaminated water, putting their lives at risk.

Our public water tank project provides needy groups of people living in poverty-stricken areas with a 2,000 Litre water tank. The tank is installed in a communal area such as a school or mosque or any other publicly accessible place. It is refilled continuously with clean, safe water and is available for all to fulfil their daily water needs.

Our sustainable water projects ensure the people of Gaza have continuous access to safe water at no cost. Our projects are long-term and ensure those in need are aided for the foreseeable future, having access to their human right of clean, safe drinking water.

Give Water & Help the People of Gaza. Donate Today!

With a GRF team on the ground all year round, we are always ready to put your kind donations to good use.

Our water projects are saving lives and helping the most vulnerable in society stay protected. From women, children and orphans, to the elderly and disabled, we are helping forever improve their health and welfare.

We have come so far since our mission began, having reached over 800,000 people, but we need your help to continue, so those still in great need are given an equal chance to succeed in life.

Donate now to help end water poverty for one of the most vulnerable nations in the world.

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£15 - Monthly refill for Family tank

£50 - Family Water Tank

£100 - Monthly refill for Public tank

£300 - Public Water Tank

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