End Hunger

provide them with a meal when they are hungry

Refugees are subject to limited status, many are not allowed to work, and therefore become solely reliant on food parcels to feed their families.

With teams on the ground around the world, we respond to food shortages by providing essential food parcels containing staple and nutritious long-life foods that can last a family of up to six, one month.

The contents of a food parcel generally include flour, rice, sugar, oil, tea, canned goods, spices, lentils, beans and dates; however, they differ from country to country depending on their respective diets.

Healthy Lunches Project

Diet and nutrition can play an important role in the performance of a child and their overall educational attainment. This is why a healthy and nutritious school lunch is Pivotal.

GRF provides school children living in impoverished communities, with a healthy and nourishing lunch at school, as we know their diet and nutrition plays an important role in their overall performance and attainment. We want them to retain focus and perform well, as education is the key to success and a way in which they can break free from the shackles of poverty indefinitely.

£50 Can provide food parcel for 1 family for up to a month

£150 Can provide food parcels for 3 families for up to a month

£250 Can provide food parcels for 5 families for up to a month

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