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75% of people live below the poverty line. Millions of people in Pakistan are food insecure…

Water for life

Water shortages and poor sanitation are responsible for 3.5 million deaths globally each year. Millions of people do not have access to clean drinking water, something we take for granted. From building a well, to…

End Hunger

With little money, jobs or possessions, those living in poverty and refugees displaced from their homes around the world, rely on the generosity of others to ensure at least one meal a day for their families.

Little Rahmah Sponsorship

All Our Sponsorships have a 100% Donation Policy, so every penny you donate goes directly to those in need!

LED Lights Projects

Power has been an issue in Gaza for over a decade. The blockade imposed on the city in 2004 has restricted the import of many everyday goods…

Where Most Needed

When disaster strikes, we endeavour to be on the ground as soon as possible, to provide food, water, shelter, medical aid, and other essential emergency supplies to the neediest people.

Disaster Response

As a charity that vows to offer assistance during even the toughest emergencies, we are always on stand-by to help those who need us most.

Save A Life

GRF provides funding for operations and procedures for sick and injured people in their time of need. Many are unable to afford basic medical attention,..

Education Matters

At Global Rahmah Foundation, we are working hard to restore this right for those in most need. We want to ensure they are given the best possible chance to break free from the vicious cycle of poverty they are stuck in..

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