Yemen Emergency

Yemen Emergency Crisis

The World’s Worst Humanitarian Crisis

Over 80% of the population in Yemen are food insecure.

More than 24 million people across Yemen are food insecure, half of them suffering extreme levels of hunger. According to the United Nations, 3.2 million require treatment for acute malnutrition; which includes two million children under-five, and more than one million pregnant women, making the situation in Yemen the world’s worst humanitarian crisis.

Donate now towards our Yemen fund and help us to support some of the most vulnerable people in the world that are in dire need of essential emergency supplies throughout the year.

Clean Drinking Water Project

The ongoing civil war in Yemen has completely destroyed the water and sanitation infrastructure leaving millions of people without any supply of water. In a desperate bid to stay alive many have been forced to drink dangerously contaminated water that is not fit for human consumption. This has resulted in the worst cholera outbreak of modern times with 2,000 suspected cases every week!

Here at Global Rahmah Foundation, with your donations, we can make a difference now and support helpless communities by providing water tanks to families, schools and mosques.

We provide and install large water tanks in poor neighbourhoods which are refilled daily with safe water. We also provide water storage tanks for family homes and refill them on a weekly basis to ensure that the family have access to clean drinking water every day.

Donate now and help us make water accessible for those struggling to survive in Yemen

Covid-19 Response Yemen

Yemen, a country plagued by war, conflict, poverty and famine, is now facing a catastrophic pandemic that threatens to devastate the nation once again!

The healthcare system having already been pushed to its limits due to the civil war, has collapsed under the strain of Covid-19.

With only half of the medical facilities fully functioning, and many lacking adequate personal protective equipment (PPE), ICU beds and Oxygen, many in urgent need are being turned away!

Protective equipment and hygiene supplies are severely limited in Yemen but are essential to stop the spread of the virus.

We are providing medical facilities with PPE such as gloves, masks, screens and protective clothing so that those on the front line are protected and able to treat more people safely.

For individual families we are providing hygiene and sanitation kits containing, soap, cleaning products and disinfectants to help keep them protected and prevent further spread of the disease.

Food Parcel Project

Over 80% of the population in Yemen are food insecure and reliant on humanitarian relief to survive. Millions of infants are dying of acute malnutrition as their families simply cannot afford to feed them.

We are providing needy families with essential food parcels containing long-life nutritious food to last up to one month.

Sponsor an Orphan

As a result of the ongoing conflict thousands of children have been orphaned. Some born into chaos as they witness the atrocities of war and violence. Having lost one or both parents they have little support and assistance and are left grappling with poverty.

We aim to keep these children in a stable environment and keep things as normal as possible for them. By sponsoring an orphan, you can help make their everyday life a little more bearable.

You can make sure they have access to the resources they need to survive and ensure they remain in school so they have the best possible prospects in life.

Healthy Lunches Project

We provide school children in Yemen with healthy, wholesome lunches so they can remain focused as they study. For many of them this lunch will be the only meal they will have that day, so we ensure it’s a nutritional one.

Emergency Shelters

As the war in Yemen rages on, hundreds of thousands of innocent people are continuing to lose their homes as air strikes completely flatten their cities.

They are in desperate need of shelter and refuge as the increasing violence threatens their safety and wellbeing. To make matters worse, during the winter months there are deadly temperatures and heavy rainfall battering what’s left of homes and causing irreversible damage.

At GRF we are building temporary shelters to accommodate those that have been displaced from their homes or whose homes have been severely damaged.

These shelters provide safe living conditions until the families can be moved to permanent housing.

Healthcare Project

With an ever growing number of malnutrition and cholera cases, as well as the new and deadly Covid-19 pandemic, Yemen’s healthcare system is severely strained and under resourced. Those that do have access to hospitals are unable to use them as they cannot afford the cost of treatment, leaving many with painful ailments and conditions and no relief. Sadly millions in Yemen die this way, silently suffering. But for Just £100 you can provide a health check with treatment

This project allows us to assist in the cost of medicine for patients who are most in need, long or short term. We help them to maintain their health with desperately needed medication so they can be around to look after their families.

Orphan Eye Care Project

Most orphaned children in Yemen live in extreme poverty and do not know when they will next eat. Eye care is therefore the least of their worries when they are desperately fighting to survive. Many children are left struggling to see and the longer their issues with eye sight remain untreated, the greater the deterioration can become, which can have serious implications for their future health.

Through our eye care project, we have specialist teams on the ground arranging sight tests and providing glasses if needed for orphaned children, forever improving their eyesight and quality of life.

Women’s Education Project

We provide women in Yemen with an opportunity to expand their learning and development. We teach them to read, write and broaden their understanding as living in a war torn country leaves them with little or no education.

It is important they learn the basics so they can help their children with their schoolwork, go on to higher education and even find a job to support themselves & their families

Self-Employment Project

We provide families with the opportunity to be self-sufficient and autonomous in the hopes that they will break free from the cycle of poverty once and for all.

We provide food carts as part of our sustainable employment project. It allows families to trade and generate income which they can use to support themselves.

Provides a food cart and resources to become self-employed

Winter Aid

Many people in Yemen rely on temporary shelters for refuge. For them, winter can be a cruel season. Freezing cold water seeps into their makeshift homes and destroys what little belonging they have. Sub-zero temperatures are difficult to withstand for the vulnerable amongst them, with many elderly sadly perishing as their frail bodies are unable to cope.

We provide essential winter aid to help them get through the brutal season and ensure they are safe and protected.

Ramadan Project

Ramadan is one of the holiest months in the Islamic year. For many of us our focus is on self-development, contemplation and good deeds. We rarely have to worry about our provision or sustenance. Sadly, whilst the people of Yemen would love to focus on their spiritual development too, they are unable to as their life of poverty and destitution means that most of their focus goes towards providing for their children and keeping them alive.

We provide much needed food aid to ensure those living in difficult circumstances can spend Ramadan at ease and enjoy the celebration of Eid.

£3 - Provides A Nutritional Daily School Lunch

£15 - Family Tank Refill

£20 - For a Warm Blanket

£25 - Public Tank Refill

£25 - Eye Test & Glasses For An Orphan Child

£25 - Winter Heater For A Family

£30 - Orphan Sponsorship per month

£30 - Fuel For Heaters

£30 - Winter Kit For A Child

£40 - Food Parcel

£40 - Family Hygiene Kits

£40 - Winter Food Parcel For A Family

£50 - Family Water Tank

£60 - PPE for Front Line Workers

£75 - Needy Family Sponsorship per month

£100 - Health Check With Treatment

£100 - Provides A Disadvantaged Woman With An Educational Course

£200 - Public Water Tank

£360 - Orphan Sponsorship Full year

£400 - Emergency Shelters

£2000 - Food Cart

£5500 - Water Well in Yemen

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