Winter Appeal

Freeze The Struggle, From As Little As £20!

We distribute vital supplies to helpless communities.

As winter looms and ominous weather is imminent, we must act quickly to prevent thousands of needy people around the world, particularly those in improvised housing, from succumbing to the brutal season.

We can freeze their struggle by providing them with much needed winter supplies, such as blankets, heaters, thermal clothing, food and more.

Many in Gaza, Lebanon, Jordan and Yemen face relentless and ruthless winters with freezing temperatures, heavy snow & rainfall and blustery winds. Sadly, many perish as they cannot withstand the extreme weather. It is infants and the elderly that suffer most, their fragile bodies unable to cope.

Global Rahmah Foundation distributes vital supplies to helpless communities, ensuring they are prepared for the tough month ahead. We make sure they have all the necessary resources to protect themselves and their loved ones.

Last year, thanks to the generosity of our donors, we aided over 20,000 people!

We Provided:


People with

Complete Winter Kits


People with

Food parcels


People with

Winter Heaters


People with



Children with

Children’s Winter Kits


People with

Fuel for Heaters

This year we want to be bigger and better! Help us reach the thousands of deprived people that are still in need of our help!

Donate today to help a vulnerable family survive their battle against harsh weather.

Fuel for Gas Burners Gaza

Winters are especially tough when you are ill equipped to protect yourself from harsh weather. Sadly, in Gaza there are thousands of families struggling to get through the relentless season, with no money to stock up on resources.

Gas burners are commonly used to keep warm and to cook with, and many in Gaza heavily rely on these during the winter.

Unfortunately, they require fuel to operate which most people cannot afford, thus leaving them without any heating.

GRF supply and refill fuel tanks for burners, so families can stay warm and safe.

Food Parcel

With little money, jobs or possessions, those living in poverty and refugees displaced from their homes around the world, rely on the generosity of others to ensure at least one meal a day for their families. Refugees are also subject to limited status, many are not allowed to work, and are solely reliant on food parcels to feed their families. There are hundreds of thousands like this, and sadly, if people do not donate, they may not be able to provide their children with a meal when they are hungry


Children are exposed to the worst of the winter weather as they walk around in thin, torn clothing subjecting their tiny bodies to the harsh icy temperatures. Many develop chronic respiratory conditions as a result.

Nights are even tougher, as they lay on the cold, hard ground they call home to try and get a little rest after a long day. Sadly, with no blanket or covering to keep them warm and safe, they struggle to get to sleep.

For £20 you can provide a warm winter blanket, to a child in need to make sure their body is adequately sheltered from the cold

Heater & Fuel

Heaters are essential when trying to keep warm. Many of us simply cannot live without them when temperatures drop. Sadly for our brothers and sisters in need around the world, their dismal financial circumstances limit them from being able to buy even a small heater for their family.

By donating just £60 you can provide them with a heater with fuel, so they can rest easy after a hard day in the warmth and comfort of a heated home.

Complete Winter Pack

By donating a complete winter package you can ensure a very needy family is kept warm and is fed & protected during the cruel winter period.

One complete winter pack contains an essential food parcel, blanket, heater (with fuel), children’s winter clothing and a mattress.

£20 – Can provide a Blanket

£40 – Can provide a Food Parcel

£60 – Can provide Heater & fuel

£150 – Can provide a Complete winter pack

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