Winter Appeal


During the time of the holy prophet (PBUH), when winter would approach Umar Ibn Al-Khattab (RA) would advise the Sahabah, saying:

“Winter has come, and it is an enemy, so fully prepare for it with wool, leather boots, and socks. Use wool as your under-clothing and outer-clothing, because the cold is an enemy that enters quickly but leaves slowly”’. (Lata’if al-Ma’arif)

We see from the example of Umar (RA) that preparation for winter is essential and we should endeavour to be as equipped as possible to deal with the trials it brings forth.

As we prepare for another chilly winter here, there will be hundreds of thousands of our brothers and sisters around the world living in poverty that will be dreading the troublesome season, as it poses a grave threat to their lives.

As we buy our thermal clothing, heaters and food, they will have no means of preparation for what lies ahead. They will not have the income to stock up on food items or buy blankets and coats for their children. They will be forced to sleep without mattresses during freezing nights in barely inhabitable tents that cannot stop the rain getting in.

With 736 million people living in poverty worldwide, it is critical that we do all we can to ensure their survival this winter.

GRF have been implementing winter projects in eight countries across the world since 2013. Year after year we have been aiding helpless families living in dreadful conditions, helping them prepare for tough winter seasons, and protecting their lives from potentially fatal sub-zero degree temperatures.

This year we need your support to carry on our life-saving work. You can warm their hearts this winter by providing the simplest items that will literally keep them alive.

Donate now to warm their homes, warm their bodies and warm their hearts!

We Provided:

People with

Complete Winter Kits

People with

Food parcels

People with

Winter Heaters

People with


Children with

Children’s Winter Kits

People with

Fuel for Heaters

Winter Food Parcel

Provide a package of long-life foods that is tailored to provide nourishing meals, and ensure a family of up to 6 is covered for a whole month. This parcel contains canned goods, lentils, beans, cooking oil, flour, rice, sugar, spices and more (differs from country to country.


You can provide a thick, insulated blanket to protect a family from the bitter cold.

Heater With Fuel

Provide a fuel operated heater with enough fuel to last one family one month.

Children's Winter Warmer Pack

Contains thermal under clothing, coat, hat, gloves and a scarf for one child

Complete Winter Warmer Kit

Contains a mattress, blanket, food parcel, children’s kit & a heater with fuel

Winter Pack Plus

Includes the winter pack plus rent and maintenance covered for a month.

Shelter Rohingya & Yemen Refugees

Provide a sturdy, good quality shelter to house a family of up to 6, protecting them from harsh weather and freezing temperatures

Hot Meals | For 1 Family of 6

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