Rohingya Refugees

Rohingya Refugees Appeal

1 Million Rohingya Refugees Living In Bangladesh

people struggling to survive on a daily basis

The Rohingya refugee crisis is one of the fastest growing crises the world has seen. Since August 2017, more than half a million refugees have fled the destruction of their homes and persecution in Myanmar to neighbouring Bangladesh in search of safety.

To date, there are almost 1 million Rohingya refugees living in Bangladesh, making it the world’s largest refugee camp. With that in mind, there are people struggling to survive on a daily basis.

Rohingya refugees are arriving in an area known as Cox’s Bazaar – a district in Bangladesh – where they fled after troops, backed by local mobs, responded by burning their villages and attacking and killing civilians. GRF have a team on the ground in Cox’s Bazaar.

We have distributed thousands of food parcels, hygiene and sanitation packs, and hot meals.

Our team is also building shelters, mosques, schools, education centres, women’s centres, water pumps and toilet facilities.

As part of our emergency appeal, we distribute the following:

Family Food Parcel

This 30kg food pack contains flour, cereals, rice, cooking oil, canned foods, potatoes, spices, biscuits, treacle & molasses. It can be life-saving for a family that receives no monthly income and would otherwise go hungry. The items also have a long-shelf life, so will not spoil quickly and can be used as and when needed.

Deep Water Pump: £1,500

We install water pumps that extract water from deep within the ground to provide a steady stream of safe water for 200 families in the refugee camps. These water pumps reduce the prevalence of water-borne diseases by half.

Water Pump: £850

These pumps provide enough water for around 100 families, making their lives much easier by providing clean water for daily use.

Emergency Shelter

Many temporary shelters in Cox’s Bazaar are barely inhabitable, with weak infrastructure, they are often made from just scrap material and do not hold up against the extreme weather faced by Bangladesh during monsoon season.

GRF build sturdy bamboo shelters which house families of up to 6. They consist of an open plan living space with a concrete floor, that is large enough for one family to live comfortably. These shelters provide warmth and safety and ensure families are able to get through the worst of the challenging seasons.

Build a Mosque

GRF build Mosques to benefit hundreds of refugees in Cox’s Bazaar. They are used for congregational prayer, children’s Quran classes and women’s religious courses.

By donating towards the construction of a masjid, you can ensure an extremely impoverished community has a safe and nurturing place to learn and fulfil their religious obligations. It is also a form of Sadaqah Jariyah (ceaseless charity) for you, giving you endless rewards in this life and the next!

Build a School

GRF are building Schools and education centres for refugees who have been forced out of School. They provide a safe and fun learning environment and offer courses based on the national curriculum to educate the children and prepare them for future careers.

£40 – Can provide a Food Parcel

£550 – Can provide Emergency shelter

£1500 – Can provide a Deep water pump

£3000 – Can build a mosque

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