Rohingya Floods

Flash Floods Leave Rohingya Refugees In Disaster

Fuel for Medical Centre

Cox’s Bazar in Bangladesh has been home to Rohingya Refugees since 2017. The region has provided refuge to thousands of Rohingya families facing displacement, poverty, and food insecurity. Unfortunately, this haven has been struck with incessant rains and flash floods.

The Rohingya community has already faced enough adversity as they moved from Myanmar to Bangladesh. And now they are left untethered and unsheltered yet again.

The showers lasted for 24 hours, and the 300 mm of rain broke the record for the last two decades. These heavy rains led to ravaging floods within a few hours, washing away more than 3800 refugee camps.

Landslides and flash floods have forced 13000 individuals to relocate to the nearest safe spots with minimal possessions. It has also stranded more than 200,000 people without a roof atop their heads, without food, water, and necessities like toilets and medical attention

The Rohingya Community Needs Your Support

The Rohingya camps are submerged in the rising water. The bamboo and tarpaulin shelters are too weak for the strong winds and water, falling apart before the families can gather anything significant before they escape the gloom.

The Rohingya families are emotionally vulnerable and exhausted beyond their capacity as they brave another round of suffering. They need your support to survive this trial.

Team GRF is working dedicatedly to provide emergency relief and shelter to these families. From food supplies to clean drinking water, they need the necessities to start life anew. So help them stay strong with your generosity. They need you today, more than ever before.

Contribute today to help the Rohingya families survive this gruesome trial.

£50 - Food parcels

£650 - Can provide Emergency Shelter

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