Pakistan Flood Emergency

Monsoon rains have hit Pakistan leaving countless families and homes affected. There have been at least 90 fatalities and 40 injuries and these figures look to rise according to national authorities…

Rohingya Refugees

The Rohingya refugee crisis is one of the fastest growing crises the world has seen. Since August 2017, more than half a million refugees have fled…

Pakistan Appeals

75% of people live below the poverty line. Millions of people in Pakistan are food insecure…

India Appeal

Largest concentration of poor people in the world, they rely on the generosity of others to get by..

Back to School

Over 70 percent of the population in Gaza are food insecure. With staggering unemployment rates and a blockade on both land and sea imports, many families in Gaza lack access to even the basic human rights…

Lebanon Emergency Appeal

On the 4th of August 2020, a colossal explosion tore through Beirut destroying everything in its path, a blast so powerful the waves could be felt as far as Cyprus! The largest non-nuclear explosion ever recorded..

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