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Relief for Refugees

Everyday, all over the world, people make one of the most difficult decisions in their lives to leave their homes in search of a safer, better life. There are also millions of stateless people, who have been denied a nationality and access to basic rights such as education, healthcare, employment and freedom of movement.

There are many reasons why people around the globe seek to rebuild their lives in a different country. Some people leave home to seek a better life where they are able to get a job or an education. Others are forced to flee persecution or human rights violations such as torture. These displaced individuals no longer feel safe and might have been targeted just because of who they are or what they believe – for example, for their ethnicity, religion or political opinions.

Feed the Hungry

We campaign for a world where human rights can be enjoyed by everyone, no matter what situation they are in. Millions of refugees around the world living in poverty rely on the generosity of others to ensure at least one meal a day for their families.

With your contributions, we can provide food parcels containing long-life nutritional essentials along with staple ingredients such as flour, oil, sugar and long-life canned foods for our brothers and sisters in need.

Eid Gifts

You can help a child that has suffered unimaginable pain and hardship feel some joy this Eid by providing them with an Eid gift. It is the least we can do for a child that has lost everything. Just a small act of kindness can help them celebrate and forget their plight.

For only £15, you can bring a smile to their faces and let them be joyous, playful and carefree children, even if it’s just for one day.

GRF have designed the Eid hamper as a special package for the holy celebration, containing a family food parcel, hot meals to feed a family, essential clothing packs and a need gift to give children a reason to smile this Eid.

The Eid hamper is targeted to meet the needs of everyone within a family, as it is a joyous time where families get together and celebrate. With your generosity, you can help us to help a needy family this Eid from only £120.

Support a Refugee Family

The journey for refuge, which all starts with the hope for a better future, can also be full of danger and fear. Millions of our brothers and sisters across the globe risk falling prey to human trafficking and other forms of exploitation. We want to live in a world where people who are in grave danger have the opportunity to rebuild their lives in safety.

For £650, you will help GRF build a sturdy shelter with a concrete base to ensure that vulnerable families in Yemen and Rohingya Refugees in Bangladesh can get through the most challenging seasons.

GRF are working hard to provide life-saving aid for our brothers and sisters who are currently living under difficult conditions in refugee camps across Lebanon, Jordan, Yemen and Bangladesh.

Help us provide Syrian and Palestinian refugee families in Lebanon, Jordan and Gaza with food parcels, family water tanks with water refills as well as rent for an entire year.

Home Restoration

Thousands of homes in Gaza have been razed to the ground due to escalating issues in the region. As a result, countless families have been left in displacement with no place to call their own. Team GRF are on the ground in Gaza, restoring homes for these displaced families. We are rebuilding the dilapidated spaces and turning them into habitable homes.

Help us restore the homes of our disadvantaged brothers and sisters in Gaza by providing a new kitchen and bathroom for a sanitary home.

£15 - Eid Gift

£50 - Can provide a Food Parcel for 1 family for up to a month

£120 - Eid Hamper

£650 - Emergency Shelter Yemen

£650 - Emergency Shelter Rohingya

£100 - Refugees Support Pack - Per Month

£1200 - Refugees Support Pack - Per Year

£2500 - Home Restoration

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