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Feed the Fasting

let us come together and provide life-saving aid to the millions of families suffering from food deprivation.

Alhamdullilah, the blessed month of Ramadan is here and GRF on a mission to ensure that when the Maghrib adhan is called out at dusk, our brothers and sisters across the world have an iftar meal to look forward to.

Over 811 million people will go hungry every night across the world this Ramadan. You can help us provide not only iftar meals but also food parcels and clean water to those who do not even know when they will be able to break their fast. Let’s spread generosity by providing nutritious iftar meals to vulnerable families who are currently suffering from the effects of warfare, conflict and social injustice.

In the true spirit of this sacred month of compassion and sharing, let us come together and provide life-saving aid to the millions of families suffering from food deprivation.

End Water Poverty

The destruction of Yemen’s water and sanitation infrastructure has created one of the worst health epidemics the country has ever experienced. It is estimated that approximately 19.3 million Yemeni’s do not have access to clean drinking water and sanitation. Many who become desperate resort to drinking harmful surface water that is not fit for consumption, leading to diseases such as Cholera, Dengue and Dysentery.

Gaza is suffering through an ongoing water crisis and most of the water available currently is unsuitable for human consumption. To obtain clean water, the only option is expensive tinkered water, pushing people further into poverty and desperation. The most basic necessity is absent from the lives of so many.

From only £65, you can provide a family with a water tank so they have access to clean drinking water from the comfort of their home. Our family water tank project is also Zakat eligible, meaning you can purify your wealth and also transform the lives of those in need.

GRF are working on the ground to provide villages, schools, mosques and medical centres with safe drinkable water.

Your contributions can help us provide fresh water to families and communities, so they can break their fast with at least a clean glass of water this Ramadan.

Iftar in Al-Aqsa

Ramadan is a holy time of year which brings us all together. After a long day of fasting, reciting and worshipping, we all look forward to sharing an iftar meal at Maghrib with our loved ones. You can bring smiles back on to the faces of those in Al-Quds during this holy month, by distributing iftar meals for our brothers and sisters at Al-Aqsa mosque.

Let’s make this month count. Let’s change Ramadan for the most vulnerable, who’ve endured unimaginable hardship.

£15 - Eid Gift

£50 - Can provide a Food Parcel for 1 family for up to a month

£120 - Eid Hamper

£650 - Emergency Shelter Yemen

£650 - Emergency Shelter Rohingya

£100 - Refugees Support Pack - Per Month

£1200 - Refugees Support Pack - Per Year

£2500 - Home Restoration

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