India Appeal

Largest concentration of poor people in the world

Food Parcel For Widows

India is home to the largest concentration of poor people in the world. In a country blighted by poverty, it is the young, the elderly and the widowed who are hit the hardest.

Our widows’ project provides widowed women with food parcels so they do not go hungry. With no skills or income, and no husband to provide, they rely on the generosity of others to get by.

Our food parcels contain long-life and nutritious foods ensuring families have the energy and nutrients to live fulfilling lives. Each parcel has a family covered for an entire month, putting the mother’s mind at ease.

Water Pumps

In India, we have been building hand pumps to bring safe drinking water to its residents. Usually, they would walk for miles in order to fulfil their daily water consumption needs. We have built communal water pumps, allowing them to fill up with ease and avoid contaminated sources. We are continuously working hard to build more, to help the thousands of people that are still in great need.

This sustainable water project aims to reach as many vulnerable people as possible. We aim to alleviate their suffering, wherever they may be, and provide them with the most basic necessity that is clean, safe drinking water.

Help us to make this vision a reality.

Key facts

  • 68.8% of the population live on less than $2 a day
  • 73 million lack adequate housing.
  • Around 86 million people live in extreme povertry.

Widow with Children Sponsorship

Losing a spouse is heart-breaking, but when that person is also the sole breadwinner and provider within the household, it is even more devastating. Sadly, for thousands of women across the world living in poverty, the death of a spouse leaves them in anguish as they are left with young children and no means of income to provide for them. Everyday become a battle to survive and they are constantly worried for their child’s welfare and future. Our Widow Sponsorship program ensures a widow struggling to provide for her children is supported and provided with all the necessities, each month.

Medical Aid & Treatment

GRF provides funding for operations and procedures for sick and injured people in their time of need. Many are unable to afford basic medical attention, so when they are really sick, they rely solely on generous donations from others to get better, or risk further deterioration or even death.

With the new variant of Covid-19 arising from India, millions of people have been affected and tens of thousands have sadly died. The already vulnerable healthcare system has collapsed under the strain of the virus, putting many lives at risk.

Global Rahmah Foundations healthcare project assists patients who require medical aid or medication long or short term, with the cost of treatment. We help them to maintain their health with desperately needed medication so they can be around to look after their families and so they can protect themselves against potentially fatal viruses.

£50 - Food Parcel

£200 - Water Pump

£75 Widow Sponsorship monthly

£100 Can provide Medical Aid & treatment

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