Gaza Emergency

Gaza yet again face conflict

Unfortunately, our brothers and sisters in Gaza yet again face conflict, destruction and loss. The people of Gaza need you. GRF are working on the ground to deliver aid and support our Palestinian brothers and sisters.

Food Parcel Project

68.5% of families in the Gaza strip are food insecure, whilst 60% of the population in Palestine live in acute poverty. Sourcing simple food items such as bread and flour is becoming increasingly more difficult as the cost of goods rise and the economic situation deteriorates further due to escalations in violence and conflict. Many families rely solely on the generosity of strangers and external agencies to secure at least one meal a day for their children.

We are on the ground year round providing essential food parcels, containing long-life food items to last one family an entire month. The items in these parcels have been carefully chosen to ensure they contain the necessary nutrients to maintain optimum health and they have long shelf lives so they can be used as and when needed and reserved for another time.

By donating a food parcel you can ensure a vulnerable Palestinian family is protected from malnutrition and hunger.

Water Aid

Gaza is suffering through an ongoing water crisis. Most of the available water is unsuitable for human consumption. It has been reported that in a few years, Palestine may be left without any safe drinking water altogether. GRF works on the ground to provide families with water tanks, which we refill on a weekly basis with fresh drinking water. We also provide schools, mosques and medical centres with clean drinking water, but there is still a massive shortage.

£65 can provide 1 family with a water tank and one months refill to ensure they have access to clean water from the comfort of their home.

Medical Aid

GRF provides funding for operations and procedures for sick and injured people in their time of need. Many are unable to afford basic medical attention, so when they are really sick, they rely solely on generous donations from others to get better, or risk further deterioration or even death.

This project allows us to assist in the cost of medicine for patients who require it long or short term but cannot afford the cost. We help them to maintain their health with desperately needed medication so they can be around to look after their families.

For just £100, you can provide medical aid and treatment for 1 person in Palestine.

Home Restoration

Team GRF is on the ground in Gaza, restoring homes for these displaced families. We are rebuilding the dilapidated single-room units into habitable homes with proper windows, washrooms, running water, and a facilitated kitchen.

Your contributions to the home restoration appeal are making a difference in the lives of hundreds of families! Help them go back to their homes today!

Fuel for Medical Centre

Amongst the various crises in the occupied Gaza strip, the national fuel and electricity crises create the biggest problems for healthcare facilities. With the city only receiving 6 hours of electricity a day, medical centres face the problematic dilemma of trying to keep their patients safe.

They are left in disarray as their vital medical equipment risks being switched off putting many lives at risk.

They are forced to rely on generators which are so overused, they usually burn out quickly. Operating theatres, ventilators, dialysis machines, scanners and more are deemed useless, putting hundreds of seriously ill patients at risk.

For just £100 you can provide the fuel to keep a vital generator going in a hospital or medical facility so they can keep their life-saving equipment powered all day every day, keeping critically ill patients safe.

£50 - Food Parcels

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