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Most Orphaned Children Are Living In Poverty

You can Help ease their financial burden


“I and the one who cares for an orphan will be together in Paradise like this,” and he held his middle and index fingers together to illustrate”

(Ṣaḥīḥ al-Bukhārī 5659)

Orphan Sponsorship

There are thousands of orphans in Gaza, and this number only increases with each war. Orphaned children are often taken in by family members when their parents pass away, but when that family is already stretched, having an extra mouth to feed can be extremely difficult.

We aim to provide these children with a stable environment and keep things as normal as possible for them so they get to enjoy their childhood.

By sponsoring an orphan with GRF, you can help make their everyday a little more manageable. You can make sure they have three nutritious meals a day and remain in school to work towards their careers.

You can also sponsor a needy family that is struggling to pay household expenses and buy food, due to the sickness or disability of the primary breadwinner. You can help ease their financial burden and help them provide for their children

Eye Care Project for Orphans

Most orphaned children are living in poverty. With one or both parents gone, they are often left with little or no money for their everyday needs. As such, their eyesight is often overlooked & neglected, and they go to school struggling to see the board in their classroom. Through this project, we have eye specialist teams arrange eye tests and glasses if needed for orphaned children in Gaza.

Home Restoration

Many Gazans live in tents or makeshift homes, where all family members are confined to just one makeshift room, to live, sleep & coexist in. The homes are made using scrap wood and metal, or whatever else they can find. They provide inadequate shelter from the weather, have no doors, no privacy, and the makeshift bathroom is usually just covered by rags to protect their modesty.

During the bitter winter months these homes are battered and severely damaged, leaving residents in anguish as their possessions and belonging are destroyed by heavy rain. Ceilings often cave in, leaving homes hazardous and their inhabitants vulnerable to ill health and injury.

GRF is on the ground year-round building and restoring shelters for these families. We tile the floors, so they are not just built on dirt, and put up doors and windows, to provide families with a place to call their own.

Eid Gift

The biggest casualties of war are undoubtedly children. They witness such horrific scenes, are forced to flee their homes, lose family members, live in poverty, miss out on their education, and the joy of being a carefree child.

In Gaza many children live in poverty and their families have little to no income at all. They rarely receive gifts as a result, as their parents prioritise putting food on the table.

GRF try to ensure children in Gaza at least have an enjoyable Eid.

Olive Tree Project

The Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) said:

“Season (your food) with olive oil and anoint yourselves with it, for it comes from a blessed tree.”

(Ibn Majah)

Olives have long been revered in Islam and are even mentioned in the holy Quran seven times. The messenger of Allah (ﷺ) reiterated their importance by instructing us to consume their oil and apply it to our skin.

GRF’s Olive project funds the planting of these blessed trees the messenger of Allah (ﷺ) spoke about.

This allows farmers in Palestine to harvest the fruit and produce and sell olive oil year after year.

Eventually, if enough people donate, they will no longer need us, and will become fully self-sufficient. Just one of our sustainable long-term projects that allows those in need to stay dignified and autonomous.

Since Olive trees last decades and continue yielding produce every year, you will be continuously assisting local Palestinians to support their families and reaping the endless rewards of Sadaqah Jariyah at the same time, even after you are gone!

Fuel for Gas Burners Gaza

Winters are especially tough when you are ill equipped to protect yourself from harsh weather. Sadly, in Gaza there are thousands of families struggling to get through the relentless season, with no money to stock up on resources.

Gas burners are commonly used to keep warm and to cook with, and many in Gaza heavily rely on these during the winter.

Unfortunately, they require fuel to operate which most people cannot afford, thus leaving them without any heating.

GRF supply and refill fuel tanks for burners, so families can stay warm and safe.

Healthy Lunches Project

Diet and nutrition can play an important role in the performance of a child and their overall educational attainment. This is why a healthy and nutritious school lunch is important.

At GRF we provide school children living in impoverished communities, with a healthy and nourishing lunch at school. For many of them, this is the only hot meal they will have in a day, so we make sure it’s a healthy one, giving them sustenance for the rest of their day, and helping them stay attentive and focused at school.

Winter Clothing Project Gaza

Tens of thousands of people in Gaza cannot afford warm clothing and blankets to get through the tough winter months. There are many reported deaths each year, mainly of children and the elderly whose bodies simply cannot withstand the cold. There are so many children without socks, shoes, gloves, coats or warm jumpers and blankets, resources we often take for granted. We provide these and more to keep the bitter cold at bay.

Women’s Education Centre Gaza

We provide underprivileged women with an opportunity to expand their learning. We teach them to read, write and broaden their understanding as living in poverty leaves them with little or no education. They learn the basics so they can help their children with their schoolwork, go on to higher education and even find a job to support themselves & their families.

Self-Employment Project Gaza

As part of our sustainable long-term relief, we provide people in Gaza with a unique opportunity to cater to the needs of their family, by offering them self-employment. This makes them feel dignified and responsible, rather than dependent and needy.

We provide them with a food cart that they can use to sell various foods. The money they make can be used to support themselves. This scheme allows families to get out of the cycle of depending on charity.

Fuel for Medical Centre

With an ongoing national electricity crisis in Gaza, the people are suffering immensely as the power is cut for up to 20 hours each day.

Critical medical facilities in particular are left in disarray as their vital medical equipment risks being switched off putting many lives at risk.

They are forced to rely on generators which are so overused, they usually burn out quickly. Operating theatres, ventilators, dialysis machines, scanners and more are deemed useless, putting hundreds of seriously ill patients at risk.

For just £100 you can provide the fuel to keep a vital generator going in a hospital or medical facility

Food Parcel Project

Nearly one third of the population (32.7% or 1.6 million people) in Palestine cannot afford nutritious food. Food insecurity is particularly high among women with 32% of families headed by women being food insecure – predominantly in the Gaza Strip, where it is 54 percent.

Many families rely solely on the generosity of strangers and external agencies to secure at least one meal a day for their children.

We are on the ground year round providing essential food parcels, containing enough long-life food to last one family an entire month.

By donating a food parcel you can ensure a vulnerable Gazan family is protected from malnutrition and hunger.

Public Water Tank

Water in Gaza is unfit for consumption and extremely dangerous. Many impoverished communities in and around Gaza cannot afford to buy bottled water, leaving them no option but to drink the heavily contaminated water, putting their lives at risk.

Our sustainable water projects ensure the people of Gaza have continuous access to safe water at no cost.

Our public water tank project provides needy groups of people living in poverty-stricken areas with a 2,000 Litre water tank. The tank is installed in a communal area such as a school or mosque or any other publicly accessible place. It is refilled continuously with clean, safe water and is available for all to fulfil their daily water needs.

£40 – Can provide a Food parcel

£100 – Can provide Fuel for medical centre

£250 – Can provide Home restoration

£1000 – Can provide Public Water Tank

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