Eman Live Appeal

Winter has come again… Millions in poverty struggle to survive the harsh climates, and ultimately must decide whether it is more important to have food or warmth. As the temperature begins to plummet, many resort to burning old clothes and plastic goods to keep warm, while others are simply relying on blankets.

With over 690 million people living in poverty worldwide, it is critical that we do all we can to ensure their survival this winter. Many depend on aid from humanitarian organisations such as GRF, and we depend on your generous donations to provide life saving support for those in need.

Support GRF as we deploy our teams all across the world to alleviate poverty, provide relief packs and feed families in need.

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Food Parcel


Mother support pack


  • Mother + Baby pack
  • Children’s winter pack

Winter Kit


  • Food Parcel
  • Children’s winter pack
  • 2 blankets
  • Fuel for a heater

Pakistan Relief Pack


  • Hot Meal for a family
  • Hygiene Kit
  • Food Parcel
  • Emergency Shelter

£50 - Food Parcel

£100 - Mother Support Pack

£150 - Winter Kit

£175 - Pakistan Relief Pack

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