Coronavirus Appeal

People Struggling To Feed Their Families

Every day a battle to live.

The global Covid-19 pandemic has caused widespread chaos and disarray, forcing governments across the globe, including the UK government, to introduce stringent measures to tackle the virus and save lives.

Being privileged enough to live in a developed country with plentiful resources, we were able to support each other to tackle the pandemic and are continuing to do so.

With hospitals and medical staff at easy reach and abundant food and hygiene supplies available to us, we often take for granted how fortunate we are to be able to continue with our lives without much disruption.

For those living in poverty-stricken countries like Yemen and Gaza, Covid-19 has devastated families beyond measure, making it tougher for them than ever before, to source food and clean water.

In Yemen patients are being refused treatment as medical centres have collapsed under the strain of the virus. Whilst those in Gaza with no income have been unable to protect their families as they cannot afford disinfectants or sanitisers.

For Rohingyan and Syrian refugees displaced from their homes and living in cramped refugee camps, Covid-19 has hit hard, leaving them struggling to survive, and making every day a battle to live.

How Global Rahmah Foundation Can Help

As a charity that strives to provide relief during the toughest times, Global Rahmah Foundation has setup a Covid-19 Crisis Appeal, to ensure the most vulnerable amongst us are protected and supported during this period of hardship and uncertainty.

We have been working with key organisations within the UK to identify those in need and have been providing them with food parcels to help them get by. There are still people in the UK that are in need of our support, many of them struggling to feed their families due to job losses and cuts.

During this particularly challenging period let’s do our bit to ensure everyone is supported.

Support the needy worldwide

We have extended our relief efforts to our brothers and sisters worldwide who are struggling to tackle the virus. They are in desperate need of emergency food parcels, hygiene kits, PPE for their medical staff and clean water. Please donate today to ensure a needy family is fed and protected during these unprecedented times.

Please Donate Today to Help the Vulnerable

£50 – Can provide Family hygiene kits

£300 – Can provide PPE Kits for medical staff

£600 – Can provide Covid medical aid & treatment

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