Distribution Appeal

Bread Distribution Appeal

You can assist food insecure families

Bread is a staple feature of diets all over the world, especially in Gaza, Yemen and Lebanon (for Palestinian and Syrian refugees), where it’s the most frequently consumed food item because of its low cost and versatility.

Since the majority of the population, in the mentioned countries, live in acute poverty and lack access to more diverse food items, they rely heavily on bread.

Sadly, due to the current crises these countries are facing, flour and other vital ingredients are in limited supply. Furthermore, the destruction of buildings and infrastructure, have made it extremely difficult for bakeries to operate and remain open.

GRF are ensuring needy families are able to receive a daily supply of freshly baked bread so they can provide their families with a decent meal.

For as little as £3 you can assist food insecure families by providing them the simplest life-saving food staple.

£30 - Can provide 500 pieces of bread

£75 - Can provide 1250 pieces of bread

£150 Can provide 2500 pieces of bread

£600 Can provide 10000 pieces of bread

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