Bangladesh Appeal

Bangladesh Appeal

On Friday 17th June 2022, our brothers and sisters in Bangladesh faced heavy monsoon downpours, leaving hundreds of thousands stranded. Bangladesh government officials have described the flooding as the country’s worst since 2004, at least 62 people have been declared dead already as thousands continue to seek shelter across the country.

Upto 100,000 people have been evacuated in the worst-hit districts, including Sunamganj, Sylhet, Beltail and Talpette. Over 6 million are marooned as the monsoon-triggered rain continues to wreak havoc across Bangladesh. Millions of homes are underwater and families close to the Surma River and Karatoya River are struggling to get access to food and clean water.

Authorities are struggling to ferry drinking water and dry food to flood shelters across the country’s vast northern and northeastern regions, officials and local media say.

GRF are on the ground working to deliver food parcels, hot meals and clothing to those who are suffering from the floods.

For only £50, you can donate a food parcel for a family in need and supply them with essential food to last them up to a month during this difficult monsoon season.

Our family food parcels contain flour, rice, cooking oil, canned goods, potatoes, spices, tea and sugar along with other long-life nutritional goods, so these items can be used as and when needed.

Schools have now been converted into makeshift shelters, while troops have been deployed to evacuate households cut off from neighbouring communities as a result of rising waters.

Help us to help them by providing an emergency shelter for a displaced family for £650.

Did you know that GRF are also on the ground building deep water wells for Rohingya Refugees? Donate £50 towards a deep water well today and transform the lives of entire communities!

£15 - Clothing Pack

£20 - Hot meals for 4

£50 - Food Parcel

£50 - Deep Water Well Fund

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