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It is back-to-school season around the globe. Schools are opening up for physical classes after more than a year of the pandemic and its ensuing lockdowns. Yet, while the rest of the world enjoys a happy transition, students from Gaza and Yemen find it hard to gather themselves for school.

Surviving displacement, hunger, and acute poverty have significantly changed their lives. Going to school goes out of the picture for many families when they don’t have enough to feed the family.

The costs of going back to school are too high for most of these families. They cannot afford the essentials such as new uniforms, books, and basic stationery.

Since going to school will secure their future and help them find their way out of the shackles of helplessness, your support can help these aspiring teachers, doctors, engineers, and pilots fulfil their dreams.

Going Back To School Can Save A Young Mind

Students in Gaza, Yemen, and Syria have suffered displacement, hunger, and the irreversible loss of loved ones. They have experienced trauma that is enough to last a lifetime.

Being back in school is essential for them to stay safe from the tremors of pain and PTSD that can take over a young mind. These emotionally distraught students need your help to find the light at the end of the tunnel.

Team GRF is helping these students with the essentials. Uniforms, books, and stationery are provided to these children to devote their time and energy to school.

Help these brilliant minds and hopeful smiles find their way back to school.

£30 - Educational Sponsorship For A Needy Or Orphan Child (Monthly)

£50 - Provides School Necessities And Uniform to 1 Child

£150 - Provides School Necessities And Uniform to 3 children

£250 - Provides School Necessities And Uniform to 5 children

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