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As we approach back-to-school season around the globe, schools are preparing their classrooms so they can open their doors to our future presidents, pioneers & scientists and sociologists.

Parents rush to the stores, gathering all the essentials their children need for the academic year ahead. However, on the other side of the world in Yemen, Gaza, Lebanon and Jordan, millions of children may never see the inside of a classroom due to conflict and poverty.

At GRF, we believe that education is a social and cultural right which plays a pivotal role in reducing poverty and child labour. Over 61 million children across the world are deprived of education and learning for various reasons. For many families, the costs of going back to school are too high and they cannot afford the essentials such as new uniforms, books and basic stationary.

Education is the key to a world of possibilities and we want to ensure that these children keep learning no matter what. For only £20, you can provide a child with a School Essentials Kit containing a school bag and stationary, so they are equipped with pens, pencils and all the books they need for the academic year to come.

Provide a disadvantaged child with a full school uniform and shoes so they can feel some sense of normality as they arrive to school, ready to conquer the world with confidence and integrity. With your support, we can set the foundation for these children from impoverished communities.

We started the Healthy Lunches Project as we understand how much diet and nutrition play a crucial role in the performance of a child and their overall educational attainment. We want to help them retain focus and perform to the best of their ability, as education will break them free from this harsh cycle of poverty.

Many of these underprivileged children rely on school meals for their main meal of the day. Fuel their minds and provide a healthy lunch for a child for 1 week from only £15.

Many children who are fortunate enough to attend school in poverty-stricken countries may face another barrier when in the classroom, poor eyesight, thus creating another challenge for them as they sit far from the whiteboard, trying to learn in an overcrowded classroom. Provide a child with an eye test and glasses for only £35, and help these brilliant minds and hopeful smiles find their way to success.

Millions of children in Gaza, Yemen, Jordan and Lebanon are living through economic fragility, political instability and conflict, and are more likely to be cut off from schooling as their families cannot pay their school fees. Without the opportunity to learn, children can’t develop to their full potential. For only £250, you can ease their hardship and ensure that the school fees for a child are covered for one academic year.

We can give them the ability to shape a better future for themselves and the generations to come. Together, we can unlock their potential. To find out more about how you can help children in need, head over to our Orphan Sponsorship page.

£15 - Provide lunch for 1 child for a week

£20 - School Essentials Kit

£25 - School Uniform (for 1 child)

£35 - Eye Check + Glasses (for 1 child)

£250 - School Fees for 1 Child (for 1 academic year)

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