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Thousands Of Children Leaving School

Their families simply cannot afford the fees and resources.

Over 70 percent of the population in Gaza are food insecure. With staggering unemployment rates and a blockade on both land and sea imports, many families in Gaza lack access to even the basic human rights such as food and clean water. Children as young as five are being forced out of school and into the work force to help their families survive. 

Syrian and Palestinian refugees have had their lives turned upside down due to an ongoing catastrophic civil war causing millions to flee the country. Leaving with very few or no possessions or money, they rely on every penny they can make as a family. This has resulted in thousands of children leaving school as their families simply cannot afford the fees and resources. 

Jordan is home to countless Syrian and Palestinian refugees. Over half of whom are children. These children struggle to enjoy their childhood as refugees living with little rights, and in makeshift shelters in overcrowded camps. Their only chance of a better life lies with good education and schooling. 

As many as 2 million children in Yemen are currently out of school. This is largely due to the rise in violence and the pressure on young children to enter the work force to help their families crippled by poverty. 

We want to ensure the beautiful children of these war torn countries are given the chance to study so they have the best possible chance to break the cycle of poverty and enjoy a brighter future.

We provide children with school kits filled with essentials, as well as new school uniforms for each academic year. Many are unable to afford these, and struggle with their studies as a result. 

We also offer monthly sponsorships to ensure all their educational requirements are met throughout the year.

Donate today to transform the life of a needy child.

£3 - Provides A Nutritional Daily School Lunch

£30 - Educational Sponsorship For A Needy Or Orphan Child (Monthly)

£50 - Provides A School Kit And A Uniform

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