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End Water Poverty - Ghana

In a country plagued by poverty and destitution, there remains a tremendous need for water and sanitation. Now more than ever, due to the devastating Covid-19 pandemic, access to safe water is critical for the health of families in Ghana.

Global Rahmah Foundation have a team on the ground providing safe water solutions to help put an end to this vicious cycle of water poverty.

We are installing 12 meter water wells in rural Ghana. These wells provide a sustainable and continuous supply of safe drinking water for more than 50 families, within the most impoverished villages, where residents are living in severe poverty.

We hope by creating long-term water solutions for those in great need, we can help communities break free from poverty and live healthy and fulfilling lives.

Help make our mission a reality and donate today to end the water crisis in Ghana.

Key Facts 

  • 90% of families rely on agricultural livelihoods to survive in Ghana 
  • Over 4.8 million people in Somalia remain food insecure.
  • 3 million people in Ghana rely solely on surface water
  • In Somalia less than 1 in 4 people have access to satisfactory sanitation

Ease their Hunger - Ghana

As the covid-19 virus continues to spread, millions of people in Ghana are losing their sources of income, leaving them struggling with poverty. Food shortages are worsening in rural areas of the country. 

Studies have found that around 40% of people reported cutting back on food or skipping meals all together.

Research has also shown that school meals improve nutrition and learning, especially for vulnerable groups such poor children or those growing up in the midst of conflict. But most schools have been forced to close during the COVID-19 pandemic, meaning millions of children have been missing out on their daily school lunches. This has seriously impacted their health.

Global Rahmah Foundation is working hard to end this immense suffering with our teams on the ground. Our food parcel project provides a family of up to six with staple, long-life foods to last one month.

Donate today to ease the hunger of some of the most food insecure people in the world.

Feed the needy - Somalia

Over 4.8 million people in Somalia remain food insecure, including more than 180,000 severely malnourished children under the age of five.

With millions of families living way below the poverty line, access to basic food supplies is seriously limited, leaving many struggling to source a single meal in the day. 

A further 2.6 million people remain displaced as they flee their cities in search of food from other major areas.

At Global Rahmah Foundation we want to end this debilitating struggle and ensure those struggling to feed their children are assisted throughout the year.

Our food parcel project provides a staple food parcel to feed a needy family for up to a month. The parcel contains long-life, nutritious foods such as rice, lentils and beans, that can be stored for a long period and used as and when needed.

Donate today to help put an end to wide spread hunger in Somalia.

Water Scarcity - Somalia

Water scarcity poses a grave threat to Somalia. With recurrent droughts afflicting the already vulnerable and poverty stricken country, millions of innocent people are at risk of dying from dehydration and disease.

With Covid-19 making things even more difficult, and restricting the movement of citizens, they have been unable to reach safe water. They have resorted to drinking dangerous water that has caused a plethora of serious diseases. 

At Global Rahmah Foundation we are working hard to restore the most basic human right of safe, clean drinking water to those stuck in a cruel cycle of water poverty.

Our team on the ground is installing 25 meter deep water wells in poverty stricken villages in Somalia, where water is scarce. These wells provide a sustainable and continuous supply of safe drinking water for more than 80 families in the area.

Donate now to alleviate the needless suffering of your brothers and sisters in Somalia.

And remember this project is Sadaqah Jariyah applicable, so your assistance will be rewarded not only in this life, but also in the hereafter.

£50 - Food Parcel

£1500 - Deep Water Well With Hand Pump in Ghana

£3000 - Deep Water Well With Hand Pump in Somalia

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