Afghanistan Appeal


Afghanistan’s population of 38 million people are facing a catastrophic development collapse on top of a humanitarian and economic crisis. Homes, hospitals and critical infrastructure like water and electricity systems have been destroyed, exacerbating the needs of an already vulnerable population.

The head of the World Food Programme describes the situation as “the worst humanitarian crisis on earth”.

Afghanistan now has the second-highest number of people facing critical food shortages in the world. More than three million livestock are also in danger of death due to lack of food and water, which will also lead to hunger amongst helpless civilians.


The United Nations warns that 97 percent of Afghans will soon be living below the poverty line. Global Rahmah Foundation is on the ground and committed to stay and deliver support to feed the hungry, provide shelter and save lives. With your donations, we are ready to support vulnerable families through the multiple crises they’re facing. Your donations will help us to build emergency shelters and provide food parcels, hygiene kits as well as water.


Afghanistan Water

Around 8 out of every 10 Afghan people drink unsafe water. Essential personnel for the maintenance of water and sanitation services have not received salaries for several months, meaning that 93% of children across Afghanistan (15.6m children) are currently left to live in areas of extremely high water vulnerability. Help us to help communities across the country by providing a clean source of water for consumption and hygiene.

Family Food Parcel

We are on the ground providing essential food parcels, containing enough long-life food to feed a family for up to a month. The items in these food parcels have been carefully selected to ensure that families will have nutritious food, contents include flour, rice, tea, sugar, oil, canned goods as well as lentils, beans and dates.

Hygiene Kit

Hygiene is an essential part of preventing and protecting human health during infectious disease outbreaks, particularly during the recent widespread of Coronavirus throughout the recent global pandemic.

Following this devastating earthquake, our brothers and sisters in Afghanistan are in need of hygiene kits to prevent the risk of any life-threatening diseases during this difficult time.

Emergency Shelter

Many temporary makeshift shelters are often built using scrap metal which does not hold up against the extreme weather conditions in Afghanistan during the Winter season.

GRF will build sturdy emergency shelters to house families of up to 6. These shelters will provide warmth and safety to ensure that families are able to get through the most challenging seasons in Afghanistan.

£50 - Could provide a food parcel to feed a family for 2 weeks

£100 - Hygiene Kit

£600 - Emergency shelter for 1 family

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